Alex Wiley Jerseys Loafers Lyrics

Jerseys & Loafers by Alex Wiley

I stay too high for me to ever touch the ground

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Can't feel my feet, I've been running through
A marijuana field, I feel excellent
Burning bush like George W., and roll a new testament
Texting and driving, drop it in her hair while she bopping
Sorry ma, I be so clumsy, I mean my eyes be so fuzzy
Real-t my real name ain't your business, internet beats, I got bitches
Pick 'em and dick 'em in ditches, Da Vinci with it on vicious
And Vicky back on his rap shit, that shit be ratchet as jukin'
I took some mushrooms and acid, I ate some hash and I'm pukin'
Pupil be dilated people, my shit too fire, my shit nukin'
I nuke that donut and crush it, bodega ball on a budget
Don't do no blacks, Uncle Ruckus, or swishers, switch a vega for a paper
Take 'em back to the trap and make 'em dip low like Major Lazer
Shorty got that crazy in love, no lights in the Superdome
Sudafed, she straight to the head, blow me like a Sousaphone
Blog superstar, goin' on a twitter-thon, talking work on my sister phone
With my system on, puffing my own shit
Roll up


[Verse 2: Alex Wiley]
Pack the bong and then rip it hard
Hella high and then get some Sharks
5:05, I'm fenna hit the park
Just ridin' in your sister's car
Niggas dippin they weed in lean
Niggas takin' that shit too far
Cause I did that shit like once a
Just hit the b I'm instantly snoring
Hit a little lick, on a lil bitch, lil bit
She ain't gon miss it, cause shit don't know yet
Hit a lil spliff, get a little piff, and I'm kind of the floop god so you should roll that
I don't give a shit bout shit my nigga
Spinning rims on my whip my nigga
V's up, hoes down, bitch you know that
Part of this shit goin' cost a Rolex

High, I ain't never touching the ground
I stay too high, For me to ever touch the ground

[Verse 3: Alex Wiley]
With the ville, Smoking sour, turn the volume up make it louder
Make it clear that I'm making chowder
Strictly flowers don't do no powders
Write it off, so I can proceed
Need the tree, but you can keep the seeds
Can't get up and still keep your seat
Bitch, every morning I need to chief


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