070 Shake I Laugh When Im With Friends But Sad When Im Alone Lyrics

I Laugh When I'm With Friends But Sad When I'm Alone by 070 Shake

(Yeah, uhhhh)
(Yeah, uh, uhh)
Hurry up and bounce it before I forget
What I made in my head

[Verse 1]
I don't wanna spend my life thinking what they'll think or what they might
If I go see her show, she might collapse and lose her life
I guess I'll save some money and save myself from wasting time, like
Fuck this lil' dyke, the way she's going, it'll be her fault if she ever dies
All that time you was talkin', that shit was eatin' me alive
Through the judgments, you didn't see I was fightin' for my life
How could I send signs? And God forgive me if I cry
Then I'll become an attention seeker and not a leader
See people will only really understand you when they need you
I guess I'm better off all alone in a two-seater
People tellin' me to stop, don't be weak human being
While the voice inside my head keeps tellin' me that I need it
I now ask you, please stop judgin' me
I got myself out this single handedly
And we do what we do 'cause we don't understand the consequence
Of every step we take is wrong, how could we ever see the mess?
And it's not just you and me, the whole youth is depressed
Living with the devil, constant battle every day
Wake up, gotta talk to people but I don't know what to say
And they tellin' me get off my ass, I was born on the wrong path
(yeah, mmm)
And I'm tryna solve these problems, but I was always bad at math
(mmm, yeah)
And your voice has made it harder, and that's just honestly
I had to shoot up to my brain to become the person that I wanna be
(Yeah, oh)
Growin' up tryin' to figure out who you are
Sniffin' shit at 14, it becomes a little hard
When you're livin' in a scene where the healthy shit is far
But the drugs are no further than your room or your car
Don't be alarmed, it'll get brighter, it'll get better
It's 'cause we are fighters and tougher than leather
The strong you is inside, but you just haven't met her
Only we control our storm because we are the weather
Don't get how I could love the things that really torn me
Remember tellin' myself that I was quittin' in the mornin'
And did you really try and help or was you tryna tell a story?
It's okay 'cause I got me and I don't need you to feel sorry

The future's bright, let's make it pro
We got us, we are the light
We are the world, we are love
We gotta fight for ourselves 'cause no one's gonna
No one's gonna

I laugh when I'm with friends, but I'm sad when I'm alone
And I be alone and I be alone and I be alone
And I be alone
And I be alone
And I be alone
(Yeah Uh)
I laugh when I'm with friends but I'm sad when I'm alone
And I be alone, I be alone (Yeah, ohhh)
I laugh when I'm with friends but I'm sad when I'm alone
And I be alone

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