070 Shake Rewind Lyrics

Rewind by 070 Shake

(feat. Lil Yachty)

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
You know you was wrong
And you know you fucked up when you left me
And you know that I'm headed so high
Your new guy, your new guy is going so down
Your new guy, you can't bring around me
You can't bring around us
Cause if you do, you found me
You know you was wrong
That's why when you see me on your new TV
You change the channel
Cause you know you was wrong
And now you know that I'm gone
Oh, I'm gone, I'm so gone
And you wish
Oh yeah, you wish that you could return the time
You wish you could rewind
You wish you could rewind my mind

[Verse 2: 070 Shake]
My crew is so fucked up
Take it in and get your doses up
If they ask you, you don't know of us
And they'll go, they'll go so hard for you
She been asking why all around the city
Don't be asking why, I ain't even kidding
You know what you've done
Giving me your back cause I dont like the front
Now you got some offers I don't need none
You wish, you wish you could rewind the time
LA come all of the lights
Smoke it all up til we dry
We become vamps in the night
Vamps in the night

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