Issue No 194 Incense Lyrics

Incense by Issue No. 194

Half a zip with me, we gon' need some more
YG Hootie girl I'm who you need to know
Flowing through my town like I'm runnin the show
Ain't trippin' off a bitch because they come and they go
Bad bitch with me when I fly on a T
Young and a vet, I'm a YOG
Destroy and then build, nigga, you gon' see
I'mma prince and a king, nigga, matronix
Only west coast nigga pop it down south
Young nigga let it kickin' like a round house
On stage, only time I been called out
In the game and you prolly match all out
Damn, and beats, what I'm talkin' bout
? out, yo girlfriend gettin' chopped out
I'm a killa, take it to the 8 in the play

Me and my niggas, cross street from the public
Mr. Pervsta
All these busy bees, all these girls got my foreign whip gettin' key
All that lemme know is mean squad in the lead
You ain't neva seen this show, I say look see

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