Dullko Daylight Horror Lyrics

Daylight Horror by Dullko

Sammy, the Student, walking to school on a sunny day.
Approaching the barricaded entrance.
A couple of minutes later, the ground begans to shake.
And the hill in the distance starts to settle in the ground
Causing a landslide, full of muddy waters
The debris violently rushes toward the school
Little Sammy runs for cover in the through a window
To find his fellow friends hiding in shelter.

Taped entrances, locked doors, no escape.
There is nowhere to hide from the flotsam.
Standing still to hear, a bus in the distance
Rushing through the water to the school.

The Kids run out, feet soaked and are asking for aid.
The Driver said he'll give a helping hand.
His voice turned to nice and fluffy to mean and dark,
And the headlights turned from white to red!
A demonic hand lashes out and grabs a kid
The bus shakes and the windows are splashed with blood.
Demons storm out of door and are killing screaming victims.
Leaving our poor Sammy vulnerable.

But Just then, Sammy shoots up wads of Coke and unleashes the
Shotgun from backpack, which he keeps safe and tidy
Shooting at random, demons die down by the numbers
Sammy stands on mounds of mutilated beasts!

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