Gunther Doug Danger House Lyrics

Danger House by Gunther Doug

Carburetors, they're all out there on the run
Why does it seem like nobody else wants to have anymore fun
There's a baby dead mouse
Looks so cute like he's sleeping in the middle of your house
And another died in the kitchen
He never thought to stop
He knows not what he's missing
He only knows to rot

We don't want to pay rent anymore
ьььThey left their cigarettes all over the floor
We don't care about what anybody says
We're getting so stoned everyday
All of everyday

No you're not dead until you fall
When they nail down the face of your doll
We left our cigarettes all over the floor
Got too drunk and I broke down your door
Sorry I broke your door

I see men declaring war
I see them staple papers to my door
Sir please can I just smoke my bowl
And get lost with my fishing pole
With my fishing pole

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