Gunther Doug Christmas Lyrics

Christmas by Gunther Doug

Isn't it ironic
That we fight for peace
Tell me its iconic
We are repeating history
Should we be afraid
Or should we sit back on our sofas
And listen to every word they say

You wont wait too long baby dolls
You'll get the call when everyone is crying
This shit is so bad but at least we're all still alive
Oh we're all still alive
We are all alive

Hooray hooray it's Christmas day
Home for the holidays its all okay
But your values are all trash
So smash your TVs with an axe

Or should you be afraid
Of watching yourself watching it day after day after day

Hooray! Christmas day!
My values were all trash
So I smashed my TV with an axe
Because I was afraid
Of watching myself watching it day after day after day

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