Arthur Brown Fanfare Fire Poem Lyrics

Fanfare Fire Poem by Arthur Brown

'There's only one way out, go bathe yourself in Fire'.

And I was lying in the grass,
By a river.

And as I laid, the grass turned to sand.
And the river turned to a sea.

And suddenly, the sea burst into flames.
And the sand was burning.

And I breathed in, and there was smoke in my lungs,
And there was FIRE in my brain.

And I looked around me
And there was all these shapes being sucked into the flames, and they were
Rising and trying to escape.

And I knew that I had to get out.
And I looked above me and I saw a shape,
That was smiling down at me and beconing saying,
'Come on home'.

And I raised myself and I tried to
Get out of the flames and I was getting higher and higher
And higher and higher and I reached out, I reached out towards the shape,

But as I reached out,
The shape shattered,
And my hands were empty,
And I was falling, I was falling, falling, falling,
I was falling into the flames.

And I knew that I was going to burn,
I was going to burn, and,
Oh, it's so hot in here,
Let me out.


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