Action Bronson East Bound And Down Lyrics

East Bound And Down by Action Bronson

Hit the clutch, shift to the gear
Mash on the gas. You're soon to see me
Right by the lake just like a bass (kid)
Burn these sticks like a native, gold potatoes, cold
Ashes like I roll
But never play, though, tryin' to get that Play-Do
To have the whole team creamy like alfredo
The mozzarella, basil, oil, and tomato
The thirty year balsamic laid up on that table
Next to me, a cigarette and drug lay
There in my lungs, that's why never dropped weight
In the taxi shorty blessing me with tongue play
Ditch the cab, gonna twist it up the one-way
She lost a shoe, I bounced - dipped on her
Just a victim of the cold world to get warmer
Then I did with my spic friend in a quick Honda
Pick up a package from Juan down at the ship harbor
Sell it off in the crib, making the shit marble
Taking chugs outta the big bottle
Dick sucks disappears thanks to a thick model
Her ass is fat but the coconut is a bit hollow
No point in asking if the motherfucking bitch swallow
Absolute, like the shit that's in the clear bottle
Straight from Sweden, see me counting money cheesin'
Ducks get shot out the sky, that's when it's huntin'
Phone rings fiendin' for stuff, Danny Tanner
I handle business like a man, you're just a tranny
I'm going down, kid
East motherfucking bound and down, bronsolino
Bon appetite, bitch

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