Lexia Allies Loneheart Lyrics

Loneheart by Lexia Allies

(Verse 1)
When it a star stricks it never upon
But you see how it going not to feel apart
My heart bring me down for a luck
So many times it never the way we go
And like you are the true love in my hands
But sleeve on my shoulder

Maybe you leave out of my world
That just me for breathing in me
You know it my loneheart to see
Trying to let it float back on to the begin
Can't let you use my powers to the end
If your gonna way to count this a dream
Like nothing could ever fly
So you know it my loneheart to see
So you know it my loneheart to see

(Verse 2)
Making destiny into my soul
If not feeling as i can try
When i notice everything on my mind to think of
It's pushing my way onto the floor
As the boys try to kiss me down
Let it feel like is to way to heave boys
Just like your the shinning one for me

(Verse 3)
Take me by the arms that i wanted you
Before anything is possible to show up
Maybe you can talked to shared if i wanna
Looking out for a new side i care
Is what i promise to do for luck right now
Don't i care for any little love is here

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