Lexia Allies Perfect Lyrics

Perfect by Lexia Allies

(Verse 1)
You got that smile in the air
Something wasn't so right
Maybe you left me right away before you called me up
If you left me on the road to slave
But it's maybe sooner to ride in my way
Like your the talking when you hear my voice

When I should let is shine for myself for tonight
This is gonna be a perfect night together
When you hear my voice is talking out loud
Is when your just who i am looking for someone to kiss
That if your the heart of my soul is to breakthrough apart
Like your the mate who i loved
(Perfect night, Perfect night, Perfect night, Perfect night)

(Verse 2)
If your my gentlemen giving me a gifts
Telling so slowly when your above my lips
Don't fall under my firgure tips
You just begun to start everything of my life
Can you try to whisper through the wind
Finding my name is too perfect

(Verse 3)
There is more than perfect to trust
Above my love to quest is just for you
Maybe you can't start changing my mind over and over
But your the love i need in my hands
Like knowning it so magical feel the spirit for known my love

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