Mahogany Rush Once Again Lyrics

Once Again by Mahogany Rush

Well the mister and his lady sittin' home one Sunday night
Were yackin' about the fact that they'd been havin' too many fights
And then the mister tells his lady, "hey lady, you know the fault must be
With you"
"Well, hey, said his baby, just who do you think you're talking to"?
And like every other time, they argued like a couple of fools

Well about this time his lady started complainin' about the rent
The mister hadn't paid it and he didn't have a cent
Because the boys down at the pool hall had made him spend it like a fool
She cried "now what about the money that you blew that I gave you for the
Kids to go to school"
And sure enough like every other time, they bickered like a couple of fools

Well the evening changed to morning, and the morning changed to day
And the day turned into night and then the night faded away
And on and on they fought in every silly little way
Until they had to rest their voices for an hour every day

"Hey, lady", he cried after a while, "you know it's been a hundred years
Since I have seen you smile"
"Well now, what do you mean by that crack", she cried; and he saw he'd made
A boo-boo, huh
"You know you really think that I am blind, but just remember I'm on to
And they had started once again before they knew it, but that was nothin'

Well the years have gone, the times have changed the couple have passed
They'd walked along the path of life but argued all the way
And they thought when life was over all the people just go away
But then in front of the pearly gates they stared into each others face

"Hey", cried the lady, "it's so nice to see you here, I didn't think you'd
Make it and I'm amazed that you are here"
He said, "now what do you mean by that crack"; and she saw she'd made a
Boo-boo, huh
'You know you really thought that I was blind, but just remember I'm on to
And you know what happened then...yeah, you guessed it
Well they started once again, oh yeah
And they'll be fightin' till the end...of time
Fightin' till the end of time, yeah
Oh, they go on and on and on and on, it's such a damn shame, wastin'

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