Lexia Allies New Attiude Lyrics

New Attiude by Lexia Allies

(Verse 1)
When you told me this wasn't right
But something were really off the time
Like your last chance has burn my mind
If you got me inside the box
Doesn't care what i think of you
Just show me what you got
Maybe you earn the way we did

Can you take that back over and over
Make me jump in the shadow
So you make me alive that is there a new attiude
Like somehow you got me down
Just feels like your the one is here
But let not make any sense to me
So i can't bring you back to my feelings

(Verse 2)
As you make it clear to this ways
Trying to beat off like a drum
You do something new what i control
Maybe you can't learn from me
Don't let go from your destiny
And like your magical in my heart
Can't you stand from my favor is you

(Verse 3)
I got something on my mind doesn't feel like home
When you touch to the flames
Doesn't seems right these days
Won't you promise how i feel about you
Just say I didn't mean to your feelings the same way
But you can push me to a hug

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