Action Bronson Tapas Lyrics

Tapas by Action Bronson

My soul purpose long hair speed turkeys
Decision out light the universal circus
Got to cut the crib furnish. with he furnish
Pot of grimace look like a lobsters. I am in the art scene
Fuck where I am playing back. routine matter of fact I make a
Me while you see me in the shorts bad weather with a Porto Rican bitch
Smelling like. while you. ready for orgies 24 seconds dead in 40 seconds dead in a.
All this money we got it hell of for the rocking sky is making me no socks on the feet
When I am stepping in the. treat me like the Romeo quarantine getting bucks like an.
Baby momma catching cases high speed chasing this theme rocking on I'd bracelets
You only live once so fuck it if I am gonna waste it I am impress stepping on graves you can taste it
Yea make cheese like she is the from gees. chest wash her.daddy disapproving my life just like I am an
Keep the. I want an 87. and grey
Catch me in the corner I am speaking
Action bro
Rap singer he is legit
Sell. on the internet
Life is short like a man of gut 90 on the shoe like.
Of the weed like your grandma but no intent to disrespect
But my grandma. I am gonna eat expensive lunched from the. right to the table
X ray to the plate I doubt you could relate see exact the peak of their rightness
Money. lightning so cut the check
Catch me in the corner I am speaking
I am the ultimate
Catch me in the corner I am speaking
Hey yo the clutch can sleep to a swan over a gun floating in the water
Throwing off the coder hit the. alone I cherry a connection pussy like the leather jacket
Been to hell and back they try to send me back but they couldnt
Hoockers by the. I couldnt top is off the grass why would it
Drums will be the one coming through with a gold belt
Action rap singer
I am the ultimate
Rap singer
Action rap singer
I am the ultimate
Rap singer

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