Doughboyz Cashout Karl Malone Lyrics

Karl Malone by Doughboyz Cashout

Gimme your adress and I'll send 'em to ya home
Touchdown, back, make it nice home
Bust a bell down, grab a scale, get 'em done
I'm the middle man, but you can call me Karl Malone
Karl Malone
I'm the middle man, but you can call me Karl Malone

I got that mill on Fed-Ex,
Goalers learn to flex
Hugh was playn five, so I hit him with the tech
These discipols on my neck
Me and Keiffer the vet
Got a bitch on my dick
She say that pussy stay wet
I done fought up a check
Y'all tried to get it back
In the package can, bitch, how you knew that?
I be hustling like a motherfucker
Get that guy down!
Finish Corleone with this money on my mind
All my life was crime, pistol ball, tears and rubber
need no motherfucking thang, I can do this in the shower
Dayum, now they calling me the middle man
Big, getting bills through the Z
From the mailman


I'm doing my touchdown on this, aw, killer
I get 'em for a good number, I'm bout to kill 'em
Can you leave? No, lil' nigga, you may not
Cool? We ain't that cool, nigga, we're not
Getting cash, now I got the same treasure Dre got
My whole team eat, i can't eat if they not
We make so much money, send the cush from San Francisco
Those people call us presidential, the Baywatch
Shout out to UPS that got me all of my cues
I don't cite for nothing, I let them ride on my stuge
I ain't even got no licence
I ain't driving my cool
I got the work, motherfucker, I ain't coming to you


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