The Oh Hellos Where Is Your Rider Lyrics

Where Is Your Rider? by The Oh Hellos

Was it you 'mid the fire and the ember?
Were you there to bedevil and beguile?
See, your face wasn't quite as I remember
But I know that wicked shape to your smile

Bury me as it pleases you lover
At sea or deep within the catacomb
But these bones never rested while living
So how can they stand to languish in repose?

He has thrown down the cavalry as gravel sinks
And as the stone founders underneath the sundered sea of red and reed
The shadow of Hades is fading
For he has cast down Leviathan, the tyrant, and the horse and rider

Where is your rider?
Where is your rider?

He will hold with all of his might the armies of night
Still as boulders laid to the side till we pass by
He has hoisted out of the mire every child
So lift your voice with timbrel and lyre
"We will abide, we will abide, we will abide"

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