7ru7h Biggest Fan Lyrics

Biggest Fan by 7ru7h

Yep, yep, 7ru7h again

[Verse 1]
Comin' up life was never fair
I was never square
Grew up in the church
Sellin' dope on my momma stairs
Did it for my brothers and my sisters
Yeah, I had to do it
Big tree sales like Christmas
Off the corner boomin'
Aunty used to kick me out my room
So she can smoke coke
Hella black spoons in the drawer
You can smell smoke
My [?] made me watch him whip a nine
He was sniffin' blow everybody was on
I learned how to mix the blow
Whip it, whip it, and whip it
They said I put my foot in it
Glock got an old extension
Few dozen more in it
Let it drip, he ain't stop breathing
Until the floor hit em'
Glock got an old extension
Few dozen more in it
Yeah it's in my blood
All I know is to go get it
Speakin' on Da 7ru7h
All I know is to come trippin'
Lead no nigga, no splittin'
I hate division
Bag you on yo momma stairs
If I ever feel its tension

[Hook x2]
Knocks be my biggest fan
The pot is my biggest fan
The drum on the bottom of the Glock
Yeah that's my biggest fan
Better mind your business man
Keep that hatin' over there
It's firewater in the streets
A bag you on yo momma stairs

[Verse 2]
These niggas talk a lot of gang shit
Till I let the thang spit
Stretch his whole clique out
Like long division
Nasty colt four-five
Yeah the old edition
Really bust a nigga ass
I'm really soul strippin
I push a line by myself
Yeah I'm a cold nigga
And the love was never there
It was always missing
I make sure to spread the love out to all my children
And try to get them everything in life
That we was missing
In school I should've paid attention
Only in the kitchen
Roaches on the dirty dishes
Power whippin tunnel vision
Million dollar dreams being chased by nightmares
Sweatin' hella dope out
Drinkin' heem in the night air
Streets firewater
Young niggas just don't care
Bullets do cost so fuck shootin' off in the air
Streets firewater
These young niggas just don't care
Jump out blazing
Burn you down on yo momma stairs

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