Robert Delong Thats What We Call Love Lyrics

That's What We Call Love by Robert DeLong

[Verse 1: Robert DeLong]
At the house, you were lonely
And you had only one thought
Pick up the phone, and type the numbers
The line is busy, you wonder who he's calling
Cause you know, that it's not you
He must be stepping out you thought

[Chorus: Robert DeLong]
But you don't know who he's calling
And you don't know what he's saying, do you?
And you don't know anything about it
And that's what we call love [x2]

[Verse 2: Robert DeLong]
At the church, you were lonely
And you wanted new thoughts
You heard the words of the pastor
As he was praying to God


[Outro: Robert DeLong]
And that's what we call love [x6]

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